External Academic Audit 2021-2022


    • Motivating students to take up small scale business entrepreneurship.
    • To promote recycling that includes biowaste, efficiently in an environmentally safe manner.
    • To open a cafeteria with eco-friendly food products.
    • To impart and improve entrepreneurial skills to achieve profit.
    • Encourage students to build business relationships and self-confidence.
    • To understand the risks of a business venture and to face challenge


Leadership Training


    • To tap into the creative genius of students and scholars.
    • To provide valuable information on topics of research interest. 
    • To invest into the intellectual inventory of the College.   
    • To equip and improvise the intellectual knowledge of average learners by promoting advanced learners through sharing skills and platform for the forthcoming years.
    • To sharpen the learning abilities of the students through practical demonstration and observation such as editing, compiling, designing & aligning and publishing.