The Three Beacons of Providence

Our motto

Faith is the Sun of Life

College prayer

Gracious God, we your Providence
children, raise our hearts to You in praise &
We thank you for all the SJT Sisters
under whom this College was formed,
moulded & still growing. We also
remember our retired staff and the present
staff who work for the mission of
education. We are grateful to You for all
our benefactors who have labored with
great dedication in one way or another. We
also gratefully recall those who served this
institution and are enjoying their heavenly
bliss. We are grateful to you for our past&
present students who have brought glory
to this institution through their hard work
& achivements.
We have felt your presence in our midst
during these years, in our joys &
tribulations, success & failures. As we
continue to live as one Providence family,
may we be able to share our Faith, Hope &
Love and radiate Truth, Justice &
Righteousness to the society and world in
which we live. Bless all those who step in
& out of the portals of Providence with Your
peace & harmony. Bless our youth so that
they blossom into empowered women &
good home-makers who will make a
difference to families and society as they Scatter sunshine around them.

We place in You all our plans, hopes and
desires for the success during the year.
Shower your blessings on our efforts to
make it a perfect and pleasing offering to
you. Amen.

College Anthem

Among the birds and flowers of Providence
The stately evergreen
You will feel His power in
the whip of the wind, His loving care in the warm bright sun
Here life flies by.
look around me and I see
The beautiful scenery
T'was made for me!
Lord!I thank Thee.
All noble hearts, great minds are here
To help me in my quest of you
For them I say
"Lord!I thank you" 
Your sturdy walls that shelter me
It's just success that will carry me
Beyond your bounds,
Lord, I trust Thee.
My future lying beyond the green
Does trouble me, but yet l feel
Your hand in mine
Will still lead me.
And then the life beyond the grey, 
The rocks before it, the thorns, 
the clay! I'l follow yet,
Your beckoning light.