• To provide a student-centered learning environment that facilitates transference of information and to cater to the needs of its users to access it.
  • To explore and implement innovative technologies and services to deliver information and scholarly resources, conveniently to the users in the campus.
  • To bring success in students, staff and community through the use of library.


  • To provide comprehensive resources and services in support of research, teaching and learning needs of the academic community.
  • To facilitate access to right Information at the right time in the right manner so as to produce productive citizens to this great nation in general and to our community in particular.
  • To deliver unparalleled opportunities for success in learning and research.

History of library

“A good book is a man’s best friend” The College Library, constructed in 1984 with a carpet area of 1500 Sq.m. accommodates sections for stack, reference, periodicals, audio and video and reprography facilities.

It is a fully automated digital library.

It is a store house of subject knowledge, general knowledge, fitness and humor to keep the reader engrossed and interested.

A Library Committee members

  • Dr.A.SAVIO SAGAYAMARY,M.Com.,M.LIS.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,-Librarian
  • Mr.K.VISWANATHAN,MA.,M.LIS.,M.Phil.,D.C.Tech.,HDSE.,- Assistant Librarian
  • Mr.B.ARJUN,MA.,CLIS.-Library Assistant
  • Library Assistant
  • Mr.A.KARUPPUCHAMY.,BA.,CLIS.,-Library Assistant