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Affiliated to Madras University from 1966 to 1981

Affiliated to Bharathiar University from 1981 to till date

Autonomous status from 2021 onwards

  • 1966


  • 57 years

    Teaching – Learning progress

  • 15810

    Women empowered


    1. Post Graduate Diploma in Aviation Management Admissions are now open for the academic year 2023–2024
    2. "Admission open for the year  2024"
    3. The department of English has published research articles in International journal of English and Studies. To view check

What we offer

An overview

Programmes offered

The college offers Under Graduate and post Graduate programmes in History, Economics, English literature, Botany, Mathematics, Commerce , Computer science and Languages

Campus life

“Each Student is Different”, “Each Student is Special”, “Each Student is Unique” makes the campus life exciting. Fun and frolic, work and pleasure, knowledge and skills entertainment and competitions are all part of the campus life. Our college offers resources for the mind and soul.

Academic Annals

E-magazines and E- journals of various departments are Technojunkies, Provicommercia, Provicom and EPOCH.

Providence Skill Development Center

“Work from Home”, “Earn from Home”.

Providence Skill Development Center empowers students with the ability to support and sustain themselves and their families. Skill development is the modern way of life. Each one is bestowed with different skills and talents and a certificate course for students in their own field of interest is an added asset which enhances their future. At the end of the degree course each student will pass out with a minimum of two Certificate Courses in hand. These Value-Added courses help our women students to become entrepreneur and start a business for themselvees.

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Plastic free campus

Spit free campus

Organic cultivation

Medicinal garden

Honey harvesting

Rain water harvesting

Solar energy consumption

Sapling distribution

Tree planting


Providence College serves to build a strong relationship between human and Nature and encourages the dissemination of knowledge on the preservation of Nature and Natural Resources and helps to create a new positive attitude and behavior towards Nature. The college campus occupies an area of 8.817 acres and is bestowed with a wide variety of plants (420 plant species) from Algae, Fungi, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms to several Angiosperms. Several tree saplings of shola varieties are planted recently in the campus on various occasions.


The Institution’s Social Responsibility



He purpose of education is to create harmony with all that is around. We at Providence extend our knowledge for the welfare of society and promote awareness for development through regular visits and interaction with the people in the villages, tribal areas and students of rural schools. Each Department uses its potential to uplift the target population and enrich their lives intellectually, socially and economically.



Providence always has a rich tradition and culture of serving the poor and the marginalized in the neighbourhood, in the distant areas of the district and beyond. Our outreach programmes are timely interventions in times of natural calamities like flood, pandemic, drought, famine, etc. The management takes the lead by example and sacrifice. So, the impact created is priceless with regard to the psychological and material support the people receive when in trouble and distress.



Unnath Bharat Abhiyan Cell of the institution has identified five villages in the locality and adopted: Amman Nagar, Sholado Mattam, Emagundu, Shanmuga Nagar and Bellati Mattam. Each department plans and executes awareness programmes and work towards transformational change in rural areas chosen



"Together to grow - Flame to spectrum"


"Sheily Nneka Egonu"


"Student Council,Department of Botany"

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