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When I was born into this world,  my parents might have rejoiced the day as my birthday and  shared  their joys with others.  But  in fact  I always felt that the day I had entered into the portals of   Providence College  was my real birthday because  “the real I”  was born on the solacing laps of  this college and was grown into a flourishing person  who I am today.  During the five years of my stay here  innumerable  opportunities, academic and  others,  were  laid before me to bring out all my inborn talents and shape them well so as to make me a  well known person not only here  but also in the neighbouring districts  as well.

Life brings tears, smiles, promises and memories. Tears dry, smiles fade, promises fail but memories last for ever. They always bloom in our hearts and spread sweet fragrance to soothe our feelings.   It is impossible for me to list out all the sweet memories of the five long years which I still cherish, because if I do so the list may become infinite.  I still remember  with heartfelt gratitude the Management, Principal and all my professors  whose guidance and encouragement led me to the illuminating  heights so as to make me to be adjudged as the Best Student of the  District by  a youth organization in the year 2004.

Suffice it to say that if  I am a scholar,  a  good teacher, a well known orator and debater and an author now,  everyone of these is because of the ways paved for me by this college.  If you have talents and have sincere interest to develop them you can be sure, this college is the true platform for it.

  1. Poornima Madhusudhanan Dept. of Mathematics,  Sachidanandha Jyothi Niketan, Mettupalayam

The Alumni Association of the college was setup with an aspiration to maintain a continuous/constant bond, to create an occasion for social interaction and to promote a good network among the alumni and the institution.

The association enrolls members, constitutes committees and calls for periodical meetings and consistently carries out its goals and objectives since its incipience.