Daffodils 2020

The Annual Cultural Fest, Daffodils 2020 was organized by the Department on 15th February 2020. 14 Off Stage Events were organized throughout the year and it was culminated with 7 On Stage Events.The Events began  with a prayer song followed by Singing Competition and Drama. Gifted musicians of the band DUA , Mr.Yash Golcha, Mr Anto Franklin.A.C and Mr.Praveen Raj,can well be complemented as the euterpe of the Nilgiris with their brilliant feet tapping performance during Daffodils 2020. It was an auditory fiesta in the college.

In the Afternoon,Dance Competiton was followed by Lit Parade and Poetry Slam.Mrs.Anita Matthias and Mrs.Sukanya Sanjay,versatile artists,classical and contemporary dancers were our Chief Guests for the day.